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    he performance characteristics of Yaruida ice and fire clean board: (1) Air hardness: Common cementing materials are represented by general-purpose cement, all of which are hydraulic, that is, they can harden in water. But ice and fire board is completely different from conventional cement. It is air-hardened and does not harden in water.
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    Medical clean refractory board

    Ice fire board is a special customized high-pressure inorganic cement reinforced fiberboard as the base material. After special treatment, it is a decorative paper impregnated with resin adhesive, that is, the impregnated paper. After high temperature and high pressure one-time forming, the base material layer and surface layer can achieve molecular mutual penetration
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    Yaruida ice-fire clean board

    Yaruida ice-fire clean board, also known as cement fiber board, has the advantage of being able to perform 25 cycles test at minus 80° and near Baidu high temperature
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