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he performance characteristics of Yaruida ice and fire clean board: (1) Air hardness: Common cementing materials are represented by general-purpose cement, all of which are hydraulic, that is, they can harden in water. But ice and fire board is completely different from conventional cement. It is air-hardened and does not harden in water. This is a more prominent feature of magnesium cement compared with conventional cement. (2) Multi-component: The ice-fire board is multi-component, and it will not harden just by adding lightly burned magnesia powder to water. One of its components is light burnt magnesia powder or dolomitic lime powder, the other component is a harmonizer magnesium salt, and the other components include water and modifiers. (3) High heat release: The ice fire board will release high heat when it hardens. Its heat release is 1~13.5KJ/g, and the center temperature of the higher response system can reach 140℃, which may exceed 150℃ in summer. The heat of hydration of general cement is only 300~400J/g, and the heat of hydration of magnesium cement is 3~4 times that of general cement. (4) High strength: Ice and fire board can easily reach 62.5MPa. The compressive strength of general light-burned magnesia powder cementing materials can reach more than 62.5MPa, and most of them can reach more than 90MPa. When the quality of light burned magnesia powder can be ensured, the ratio of magnesia cement is reasonable, and the technology is scientific, it can still reach about 140MPa. Experiments show that when the mass ratio of light burned magnesia powder to inorganic aggregate is 1:1, its 1d compressive strength can reach 34MPa and flexural strength 9MPa. The 28d compressive strength reaches 142MPa, and the flexural strength reaches 26MPa. (5) High temperature and low temperature resistance: In various inorganic gelling materials, as long as the ice-fire board has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance at the same time. The fire resistance of MgO, the main component of light burned powder, is 2800℃, which is the first of all magnesium oxide commonly used in refractories. Therefore, icy fire decorative panels generally have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, even if it is compounded with glass fiber, it can resist fire above 300 ℃. It is precisely because of the fire resistance of magnesium cement that it is widely used in the production of fireproof boards. (6) Lightweight and low density: The density of ice-fire board is generally only 70% of that of ordinary silicate products, its product density is generally 1600~1800kg/m3, and the density of cement products is generally 2400~2500kg/m3. Therefore, it has a very significant low density. Second, the advantages and uses of Yaruida ice and fire clean board The ice-fire clean board is composed of a substrate board, an adhesive layer, and dipped paper. The substrate board is a non-asbestos fiber cement board. The dipped paper paper is a decoration paper impregnated with a resin adhesive, which is made like an ice-fire form. The material is wood. The ice and fire board has the characteristics of waterproof and fireproof, and can achieve the decoration effect of real marble. The ice-fire clean board belongs to the technical field of construction and decoration materials. It looks like stone. In fact, we usually see the most, including the ones on the TV. The ice and fire are all rocks. In fact, the ice and fire boards are also made of stone. The surface produced by him is very similar to stone. , The texture and sometimes even resemble marble. Advantages of ice-fire clean board: Its advantage lies in its cost-effectiveness. The cheap price is the most important thing. Other installations are simple and the installation and transportation of marble and stone are very troublesome, and the ice and fire board is indeed very simple. Ice fire clean board is also called fiber cement board. It is a new type of construction material that is based on siliceous and calcium materials as the main materials and added with various methods to maintain. Appeared on the market with a brand-new look. The interior and exterior of the decoration have different styles and distinctive colors. Fireproof insulation: non-combustible Class A, the board will not burn when a fire breaks out, and will not produce toxic smoke; low conductivity, is an ideal insulation material, waterproof and moisture-proof, heat and sound insulation, light weight and high strength, simple construction, economical and beautiful, and safe Harm and longevity. The ice-fire board uses the color board coating to add special conductive pigments to make the surface of the color board have a resistance of 10-100. Static electricity can be released through this to avoid dust adhesion and easy removal. At the same time, the board is resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Features such as resistance and pollution resistance. A special enamel-based antibacterial agent is used in the color plate coating of the ice and fire board, which has non-toxic and semi-permanent antibacterial effect and far-infrared radiation effect. The main purpose: Binghuo Board develops high-performance environmentally friendly fireproof self-cleaning inorganic pre-coated boards for inorganic materials. It can be used as interior and exterior wall panels, interior partition walls, wall guards, ceilings, sign decoration panels, etc. Now it has been widely used in: electronic factory clean room, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, clean factory in daily chemical factory, sterile room of hospital, clean room, operating room, ward, subway station, underground project, underground project, restaurant , Interior wall decoration panels built by other public walls.

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